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What is a Reputable Agent?

Reputable Agents are competent and caring real estate professionals. They embody the highest standards of quality and competence in the real estate industry. They are the kind of agent that other agents love working with and the kind of agents that consumers deserve. Watch the video to hear how Reputable Agents like Rosa go above and beyond for their clients.

You Can Trust Reputable Agents

Peer Reputation and the Reputable Agent designation is the distinguishing mark of highly qualified real estate agents. Fewer than 8% of real estate agents can claim this distinction.

This coveted honor cannot be purchased. It can only be earned based on feedback from other agents that the Reputable Agent has actually worked with. The distinction is based on quality of service rather than sales volume. Agent quality is continually monitored to ensure that agents are upholding the higher standards to which Reputable Agents are committed.

  • Arax Rodriguez

    "Aside from being professional Arax is kind and on top of the process."

  • Ryan Gregory

    "You’re a top fucking agent, of course you’re gonna blow it up after NoLa, you rock!!"

  • Larry Mason

    "Larry is great to work with. He has integrity and great work ethic. I enjoyed working with him. Our probate transaction went very smoothly. This was in a large part due to his knowledge and expertise. Thank you Larry."

  • Victoria Gregory

    "It we as great working with her."

  • Sandra Gendleman

    "Sandy was a true pleasure to work with and I would happily do it again!"

  • Francine Crawford

    "Francine was responsive and professional. I would enjoy working with her again."

  • Danny Ramos

    "It's been great to work with the other realtor on this transaction. He is professional and worked very hard to make this deal smooth. He stayed on top of everything and communicated between buyers and us. He was very pleasant to work with. I look forward to working with him in the near future."

  • Gina Johnson

    "Gina is the consummate professional. She is friendly, organized, proactive, and realistic. It was a pleasure and honor to work a transaction with her and I would love to work with her again!"

Supporting Members Are Committed to Better Real Estate

Supporting members pledge to go above and beyond for their clients. They know there is more to being a real estate agent than taking a couple of classes, passing some exams, and unlocking doors.Supporting members pledge to stay abreast of the latest tools, strategy, rules, regulations, and news to support their clients.

They pledge to advocate for their clients while maintaining a professional environment that brings all parties to settlement smoothly and happily. Supporting members want to raise the bar in the real estate industry.

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