Over 140,000 Agents Use Peer Reputation

Smart agents are leveraging connections among their peers and colleagues to…

  • Win bidding wars
  • Screen purchase offers
  • Exchange referrals
  • Engage with sphere
  • Mentorship and development
  • Promote stronger industry
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"I used my Peer Reputation letter when submitting an offer last Sunday. Offer accepted!"

Michele Shea-Han
Reputable Agent
Portland, OR

Brokers Are Leveraging Relationships

Brokers who embrace quality are using Peer Reputation to…


Improve retention through agent recognition and appreciation


Improve recruiting by attracting the right agents in the right ways


Develop their sales agents into real estate professionals

Reputable Agents Are Better For Buyers and Sellers

Peer Reputation uses feedback between cooperating agents to qualify agent quality.

Reputable Agents are competent and caring real estate professionals. They embody the highest standards of quality and competence in the real estate industry. They are the kind of agent that other agents love working with and the kind of agents that consumers deserve.

Real Estate Is All About Relationships

Over 140,000 agents and brokers are tapping into millions of connections on Peer Reputation and strengthening the real estate industry with their contributions.

Membership Details

Agent Basic


  • Basic Profile
  • Professional Feedback Requests (3mo)
  • Receive Referrals
  • Reputable Agent Designation (based on feedback)

Agent Premium

$ 9.99 /Per Month

  • All Basic Features
  • Professional Feedback Requests (24 months)
  • Help Buyers Win Multi-Offer Scenarios with Your Agent Qualification Letter (Reputable Agents)
  • Protect and Impress Sellers with Greater Fiduciary Capabilties Derived from Automated Agent Relationship Identification and Strength Valuation
  • Centralized Display of Your Client Reviews (e.g. Zillow Reviews)
  • Enhanced Profile for Improved Prospecting (e.g. more agent Kudos displayed with priority options)
  • Full Referral Search and Display
  • Priority Placement in Agent Searches Referrals, Consumer Agent Search, Mentorship
  • Supporting Member Designation proudly shows that you support higher standards in real estate


$ 99 /Per Month

  • Improve agent retention
  • Increase recruitment effectiveness
  • Support agent development needs and opportunities for growth

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