Chapman Hall Realty

Atlanta, GA

Chapman Hall Realty

Atlanta, GA
"Susan is a wonderful agent to work with! She is very easy going and works quickly to eliminate potential problems. She understands the process and works efficiently to get the job done and so accomplishes it seemingly effortlessly."

Sep 2020

"Yes. He esa fine."

Aug 2023

"It was great working with you Dianne!"

Jul 2021

"Dianne was wonderful to work with!"

Apr 2021

"Christi was extremely helpful with the condo docs and other specific items needed to make this transaction work. Communication was open, access was easy, and I'd be grateful to work with Christi again."

Mar 2022

"Great communicator!"

Sep 2020

"Love that she cares about the buyers well-being"

Aug 2021

"Great to work with him. Let's do it again."

Judy Narde, Aug 2021

"Very knowledgable and a pleasure to work with."

Aug 2022

"It was a pleasure working with you!"

Jill Slone, Sep 2020

"It was good transaction!"

Mar 2022

"Very professional"

Geary Jaco, Oct 2021

"Damion was professional and a pleasure to work with from start to finish."

Nov 2022

"Really nice working with you, always on top of things"

Nov 2023

""Alex was extremely flexible throughout the entire process. Very easy to collaborate with.""

Nina Edmonds, Mar 2021

Avi Shemesh
Reputable Agent

"Quick closing and cash buyer"

Jan 2021


Mar 2022

"Jade, Did a very good job.."

Jul 2021

"Easy to work with and very professional, I enjoyed working with her on my transaction."

Khary Garraway, Aug 2022

"Great to work with"

Dec 2020

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